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We Are Wellness

Here We Treat The Whole Person

“Hawaiian healing and ancient medical practices also embraced and understood that the body and spirit are one and needed to maintain balance.  Just as [Mauliola Pharmacy] is providing a balance between modern and traditional medicines.  That balance is kūpono.  Mauli is our living spirit and represents the traditional medicines and spiritual practices of healing.  Ola means health, it represents our physical bodies and any outside care we give, for example, modern prescriptions, exercise, or even physical therapy”

-Kumu Hula Pōmaikaʻi Kruger


"Excellence in both body and spirit"

As much as we love caring for patients in the pharmacy setting, we seek to incorporate a holistic approach to health by offering alternatives to standard Western care. We continually strive to work with individuals and agencies who have similar wellness values.  Our collaborations with Hui No Ke Ola Pono currently include la'au lapa'au and home aquaponics. 

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