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Lahaina Disaster Relief Efforts

Lahaina Disaster Relief Efforts

Mauliola Pharmacy Cares

Together, we strive to ensure the availability of necessary medications and healthcare services for the community.

We have strengthened our efforts through valuable collaborations with key organizations, including Hui No Ke Ola Pono, Malama I Ke Ola, Maui District Health Office, Minit Medical, and Maui Health Systems.

Since its the beginning, we have supplied essential medications to the expansive War Memorial shelter. Recognizing Lahaina's lack of operational pharmacies, we shifted our focus to this area, aiming to enhance medical accessibility. 

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Here Is How To Donate

Through our sister company Nohona Health, we are accepting donations to help in this time of need. Contributions towards Nohona Health's fundraising efforts would play an integral role in supporting the Lahaina wildfire disaster relief initiatives. Below is the link to Nohona Health's website to learn more and take action. 

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